Saturday, 10 October 2009

Autism Speaks Europe

Whatever perspective you come from the perspective is Autism. Autism as it is variously and sometimes controversially understood in our current time in the UK, Europe and the World beyond.

However you found this blog, wherever you come from with regard to the debates and controversies about Autism this is new, this is unique.

Welcome and watch this space.

I want this to be a happy space, I want people with very different opinions to post here, but I want respect above all.

I do not want scatology and cussing, save it for somewhere else, posting is monitored so overtly offensive posts (as against the merely controversial) will not get through.

The site is newly minted today (10 September 09) so there is a long way to go.

This site is neither affiliated with Autism Speaks US or Autism Speaks UK, it is a site where Autism can speak and be debated.


  1. Thank you for doing this. The problem is that for many on the autistic spectrum there are obstacles that prevent them from even visiting and reading here, never mind speaking. If we could find a way to bring their voices to the web that would be something.

    On the question of access, what do people think of ZAC Browser? It claims to be the first browser designed for autistic children.

  2. I am not on the spectrum but I will look at it on behalf of my child, two initial concerns; considering it is designed for kids does it assume they are aware of their diagnosis? Also, the site says the browswer has lots of games built in, it seems to me that there are enough distractions with hyperlinks and ads, never mind games.