Friday, 19 October 2012

Call for Papers "Cure or curiosity, what drives autism research?"

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1st Call for Papers

This is the first call for papers for “Autonomy” The critical Journal of Interdisciplinary Autism Studies, published through the Open Journals System, by the Autreach Press.

We are an open access peer reviewed journal, with the aim of encouraging discourse between the different academic disciplines engaged in autism research, with the focus on being autistic led. We  therefore particularly welcome and encourage papers from autistic scholars who have not been published before.

We invite submissions, Academic Papers, Comment, and Reviews. (This includes reviews of all media including conferences)

The submissions process is on line but not exclusively, so we will also accept papers submitted by email, provided they are in a format that can be understood and edited. Alternative modes of submission will also be considered if this is an access issue, please contact the principal editor for further details

We do not set a house citation style, but do require citation and referencing.

Authors retain copyright but grant the journal a creative commons attribution 3 licence on any material submitted.

Further details can be found on

For any further queries please email the Principal Editor at

The deadline for the next issue is December 18th 2012

Laurence Arnold PGCert (SpEd) FRSA

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